Paint Correction 


Recommended for a true and correct paint restoration procedure that will remove heavy surface scratches, deep swirl marks, oxidation, deep holograms (buffer marks/trails) and overall neglected paintwork.


This process generally involves resurfacing the top layer of paint or clear coat restoring your cars shine & gloss. 


Depending on the task at hand paint correction may invovle cut & polish, wet sanding, touch up paint and fillers.


All paint correction packages include an external wash, clay, wheel shine & polynmer paint protective sealant.



Stage 1 Paint Correction 

From $300


Single pass machine polishing to remove light swril marks & scuffs



Stage 2 Paint Correction 

From $600


Double pass machine cut & polishto remove medium swirls, scratches, scuffs & oxidised paint



Stage 3 Paint Correction 

Price is Dependant on Condition of Paint & Correction Required


Use of all available techniques & equipment to restore paint to original condition (if possible)







All prices quoted are based on small/medium sedans

Prices are dependant on the condition of the vehicle.