Headlight Restoration / Protective Services



Headlight Restoration 

From $60 Per Headlight 


Over time headlights tend to turn yellow and/or discolour due to the harmful UV rays from the sun and weather.


Other than impacting the appearance of your car, faded headlights also diminish the indensity of your headlights causing a safety risk to yourslef and other drivers.


Detailed 4 u can fully restore your headlights back to brand new using the following steps:

  • Wet sanding to remove oxidised plastic layer
  • Machine polish to restore gloss shine
  • Application of UV protection to ensure that headlights remain clear & protected for years to come



Protective Services 

Paint, Plastic, Leather & Fabric Protection 

Price on Application 


Detailed 4 u offers a range of protective services aimed at both protecting your vehicle and enchancing its appearance. 



  • Ceramic/glass paint protection
  • Ceramic/glass wheel protection
  • Canubara wax application
  • Window galss protection
  • Plastic uv protection

  • Soft top fabric protection

  • Plastic trim restoration


  • Leather protection
  • Fabric & alcantara protection
  • Window glass protection